Thursday, January 5, 2012

Okay, I'll start a blog.

Okay. Well, I did it. I created a blog.

Why am I starting this blog? Because I think Clojure is an awesome language. I have always had a low tolerance for ugliness in languages, and Clojure has less ugliness than any programming language I've ever worked with. In fact, it's downright elegant. Writing Clojure is like writing poetry to your lover, if you wrote poetry in concise functional code and if your lover were the REPL. But beyond that, and certainly more important to its mainstream adoption, it compiles down to JVM and CLR bytecode and to JavaScript *and* interoperates seamlessly with Java and .NET. There are lots of other reasons, like dynamic typing and concurrency primitives, but the elegance and interoperability are the big ones for me right now.

Unfortunately, the .NET side of Clojure needs a little love. It works, but the community is not nearly as big, the IDE support is spotty, and the documentation is scattered throughout StackOverflow posts, Wiki pages, newsgroups threads, etc. I've been piecing together what's needed to get Clojure working on the CLR, and in  forthcoming blog posts, I'll be sharing what I've learned (and am still learning).

Well, good talk. I've gotta run for now, but I'll be back later. Thanks for reading.



  1. Looking forward to your posts. As far as IDEs go i've been very happy using emmacs.


  2. Are you using VsClojure then for .NET?